Caterers in Birmingham Urged to Attend Dragon’s Den Event

The Association of Catering Excellence is urging those who work in the catering industry to attend an upcoming event. The Association of Catering Excellence’s (Ace’s) Dragons’ Den event is to be held on the 13th July at the British Medical Association’s building in Tavistock Square in London and caterers in Birmingham and the UK are being urged by the organisers to attend.

The event will work in much the same way as the Dragon’s Den TV show. Teams of two will pitch ideas to catering industry “dragons” in an attempt to have a commemorative product for the upcoming Olympic games placed into production.

The product must appeal both to national and international markets and the winning team will get a five-day catering course at the Emirates Academy in Dubai, where they will learn modern kitchen and restaurant management skills.

While entry is now closed, it should still be an interesting event for caterers across the country.

Shortlist For Best Catering Employers in Hospitality Announced

The shortlist for the upcoming Best Employers in Hospitality Awards 2011 has been announced, with some of the country’s top caterers being recognised. The awards, organised by, are designed to recognise the absolute best in the industry in addition to promoting their catering recruitment facilities.

The nominees were voted for by employees, with restaurant, hotel, pub, bar and catering staff all across England and Wales casting votes for their employers to be included, if they thought they deserved it of course.

The ceremony will first see the best 30 catering employers announced before category and overall winners take centre stage. The awards themselves will be held on Tuesday 21st June.

Ian Burke of commented “Knowing how important good talent is in making success of a business, we are thrilled to see such a diverse variety of organisations who are keen to attract and retain the best people through employee engagement.”

The shortlist can be viewed at the Best Employers in Hospitality Awards’ website.

Premier Inn Announced Venue Size Increase That Will Create Jobs for Caterers in Birmingham

The Premier Inn has announced its intentions to increase the size of its hotel in Ross-on-Wye after the company experienced an increased demand for the venue.

Around £700,000 is to spent on renovating the venue so that it includes an additional 16 bedrooms, which will in turn increase demands for catering that will see the company look to hire more caterers in Birmingham and the surrounding area.

Sally Perkins, general manager, at the Herefordshire venue, commented “We are delighted to be bringing more rooms to the existing Premier Inn and look forward to welcoming even more guests to enjoy a night’s stay with us.”

Venue Revamp Could Create Jobs for Caterers in Birmingham

The plans to revamp a hall in Kinver could potentially create up to 200 jobs in the region, which would be ideal for caterers in Birmingham. However first they need to be approved by councillors in the region.

Dunsley Hall had initially been converted into a hotel and restaurant four years ago and already employs a range of caterers from Birmingham and the surrounding region.

However they are now looking to expand their operations, thus providing more jobs for caterers in the process. The expansion, which would cost around £5 million, will look to add 23 extra rooms in addition to other luxuries.

As such, the increased influx in visitors will see the hotel require more catering staff to help provide food and services for the guests.

“It would be the most luxurious hotel in the Midlands. I want to put Kinver back on the tourist map,” owner of the hotel Terrie Beardsmore told a newspaper.

Burger Bar to Provide More Jobs for Caterers in Birmingham

Another branch of the famous Handmade Burger Co.

restaurant is to open in Birmingham’s Bullring, thus providing caterers in Birmingham the possibility of landing a catering job right in the heart of the city.

The company, who specialise in delicious, handmade burgers, already has a restaurant on the canal front at Brindleyplace, however it will also be creating the new restaurant as part of the Bullring’s new Spiceal Street development.

“We’re thrilled to welcome both Browns and Handmade Burger to Spiceal Street for what promises to be a very exciting and unique catering area,” Tim Walley, general manager at Bullring, commented

He continued, stating that members of the public were asked what kinds of restaurants they would like to see in the new development, and he is “confident that Browns and Handmade Burger have fulfilled these requests.”

Men Create Catering in West Midlands Jobs by Saving Pub

A pair of men have stepped in to purchase a struggling pub in Stoke, which provides hope that they may also introduce a couple of catering jobs that would interest caterers in Birmingham and elsewhere.

Mark Richards and Chris Franklin both used to work in pub jobs at the Talisman Inn and decided to become the new landlords of the pub when they heard that it was likely to be shut when the previous landlords decided to retire.

“When the pub closed in February it was a bolt out of the blue for everyone. But I was straight on the phone to the area manager asking for the chance to open it and run it,” Mr Franklin, aged 28, told a newspaper.

Mr Franklin has also commented on serving food at the pub, stating that he and Mr Richards will look to make catering one of their primary focuses.

Charity Provides Funding for Catering Students

A charity has provided a £1,000 grant to a new training venture that aims to help prepare young catering students as they aim to attain a restaurant or catering company job in the future.

Costello Technology College have received the donation to help set up the new venture, which is named the  ‘pop-up, four-star restaurant’. The restaurant can be set up anywhere and aims to educate catering students about what it is like to work in a restaurant.

The project is a joint venture between the college and Audleys Wood Hotel, who have provided staff for the facility.

Kery Irons, who helped create the venture, commented on it recently, stating “It’s something a bit different for the students and it gives them a taste of what life is like in the catering industry. I’m hoping to put on regular events with the pop-up restaurant in the future.”

Catering Company Win Large Scale Catering Contract

The contract catering company Ampersand has been successful in acquiring a contract that that will see them supply catering to the Historic Royal Palaces over the next five and a half years.

The catering company will take over the task from Digby Trout Restaurants (DTR) and will provide catering services to the Tower of London, Hamp

ton Court Palace and Kensington Palace.

Paul Jackson, who is the managing director of the company, has stated that he personally would “be at the heart” of the new catering venture. He commented “This appointment turns the spotlight on what Ampersand does best – delivering leading edge, creative ideas and services that enhance the visitor experience which in turn delivers financial returns for our clients.”

FSA Warn Catering in Birmingham Companies to be Vigilant After Recent E.Coli Scare

Both caterers in Birmingham and consumers are being warned to be extra vigilant after the recent E-Coli outbreak in Germany.

The Foodn Standards Agency are warning caterers to ensure that all of their ingredients are fresh, clean and free of contamination before use as they continue to conduct investigations into the recent German outbreak.

The Health Protection Agency has already identified seven people who may have played a part in the outbreak and the source is currently believed to be a sprout production facility in Germany.

The FSA is advising catering in Birmingham companies to wash all fruit and vegetables before eating to remove as many germs as possible. They also recommend peeling or cooking the produce. Caterers must also monitor their staff for any signs of food poisoning to ensure no cross contamination.

Somerset Catering Firms to be Subjected to Random Gas Checks

Spot checks are to be carried out on catering companies in Somerset after a number of caterers in the area were found to have defective gas appliances by health and safety inspectors in recent months.

The environmental health inspectors in the region have called for the checks of catering companies after officers found that equipment at four separate catering companies was not up to code. They now wish to ensure that all gas products at caterers in Somerset have been installed by registered Gas Safe engineers.

A spokeswoman commented “The council wants to make sure there are no hidden dangers to staff and customers from poor gas work that can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning or risk of explosion.”

Charlotte Deal, the authority’s environmental health lead, continued “We hope our checks will be welcomed as an important safety net.

“The emphasis is on help and advice, as we’ll be explaining how to find a Gas Safe registered fitter, and how to make sure maintenance is planned properly.

“However, if any serious or dangerous appliances are found, then we’ll be requiring action to make things safe immediately.

“We’re sure the premises owners would be more than willing to sort out any such problems with our support and guidance.”

Cllr Ken Hayward, executive councillor for environmental health, further added to the calls for increased safety measures. He added “Most, if not all, business owners would take swift action if they knew their gas equipment was posing a risk, but how do people necessarily know they’re a risk unless they know what they’re looking for?

“This is a vital piece of work that will undoubtedly help make sure public safety is improved.”