Great Business Begins with Breakfast

There are tons of blog posts littering the web detailing the importance of great catering at business events and corporate lunches, but your catering options don’t have to be restricted until lunchtime. According to the latest scientific research, most people’s levels of willpower and creativity peak in the morning. These much desired, business-centric qualities then steadily burn out as the day progresses, which makes the time before lunch especially important.

As a leading provider of corporate catering, we are proud to support Solihull based businesses of all sizes and niches with great quality, carefully crafted and well-presented dishes. Our corporate catering services have inspired the first and next steps for many companies within the Solihull area. Unbeknown to many, we can be called upon at breakfast time to provide your staff with the fuel they need to conquer early morning meetings and power even greater success throughout the day.

As the title of this post suggests, we believe great business begins with breakfast, but why should you call on us to ensure a better start to the day?


The advantages of not skipping breakfast

Whatever part each individual staff member has to play, skipping breakfast is a big no-no. Today’s chaotic lifestyles and strained work/life balances however don’t make it easy to enjoy that essential early morning meal. As well as breakfast being great for your overall health, having breakfast has been proven to improve your memory. High energy breakfasts in particular enhance an individual’s ability to recall. Breakfasts that are rich in fibre give employees all they need to feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day, boosting the energy levels that are integral to ensuring maximum productivity from 9 ‘til 5.

Those who eat breakfast also tend to be in better moods, feeling less restless and irritable, and more calm, collected and positive. The latter of which will work wonders for team morale.

Unlocking breakfast benefits within your business

Whilst you may not have the facilities or resources on-site to provide your team with the healthy and nutritious breakfast they deserve, our corporate catering service ensures your Solihull business can unlock the many benefits mentioned above and more.

Our highly skilled chefs have years of experience delivering business and office catering options to companies looking to serve a single employee or hundreds of workers. The items on our breakfast menu are all locally sourced with dishes made from seasonal produce wherever possible, meaning quality is always high on our agenda, and yours. Our corporate catering experts can cater to any special dietary requirements meaning a great breakfast for all. The business catering solutions we provide can be delivered any time of the morning, so whether you are looking for a regular breakfast option or one-off menus suitable for boardroom meetings or morning events, we can help. Flexibility is the key to our success in providing corporate catering at business breakfasts, and all menus can be tailored to your needs and those of your employees.

Make sure you have the corporate catering help you need to start the day right by contacting our team today. Call 0121 706 6009 to discuss the requirements of your Solihull business.


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