Fuelling the Next Generation with Quality School Catering

The nutritional needs of school age and nursery age children are particularly complex, which makes your job as a school or nursery even more difficult. The food choices made during these crucial early years can after all have a direct impact on the health and well-being of our next generation. Children need healthy food and nutritious snacks to sustain the consistently rapid level of growth experienced. The eating habits developed in nursery and school can also stick with them for a lifetime. This may be a lot to take in as a nursery service or primary/secondary education provider, but remember you don’t have to deliver nursery and school catering alone.

We are experts in nursery and school catering, and have a long history of delivering high-quality education catering options to a variety of private and public sector institutions throughout the Coventry area. Our nursery and school catering service has been developed and is currently being delivered by skilled, experienced chefs that are passionate about fuelling the next generation with healthy and exciting dishes. Our aim is to make catering to children at your nursery or school easy, and we rely on the following to do just that.


Providing fresh, local, seasonal ingredients

We are proud to be local, and as well as partnering with nurseries and schools across Coventry, we work with a trusted network of local producers to ensure our menus only use the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients. Utilising seasonal produce is important to our chefs, which means your students enjoy great tasting and high-quality meals as a result. Seasonal produce use also helps us to minimise the impact caused by the damaging environmental production of non-seasonal food.

Our use of fresh, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients wherever possible makes trying a greater ranges of foods a natural occurrence. Encouraging variety in the diets of your children unlocks some excellent advantages. The main benefit being the establishment of a more adventurous palette, and the chance to encourage children to expand their horizons both culinary and culturally.

The highest quality comes as standard

With the sourcing of fresh, locally sourced ingredients also comes high-quality. We use only the best to craft dishes for children in the Coventry based nurseries and schools that we service. Whether you are looking for a hot menu, cold meal options or a mixture of both, we deliver quality without compromise, at an affordable rate.

Our school compliant menus keep this quality at the forefront to ensure a highly successful academic year for each and every child.

Our team caters to all

We understand that every child is different, and with that each has their own food preferences. In addition to satisfying the fussiest of eaters with our flavoursome and truly tasty menu options, we actively cater to a selection of special dietary requirements to ensure everyone can enjoy a healthy and nutritious lunch.

If you need a nursery or school catering partner for your Coventry based establishment, get in touch with us today on 0121 706 6009.

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